6 Specific Benefits That You Will Get from Using an Everpure ADC Water Filter

Sometimes, water quality is in question, so it is important to always have a constant supply of clean water. While water coming from the tap has been deemed “safe” by some authorities, it is still not reassuring that it is not contaminated with harmful substances or odour. Now, with Everpure ADC Australia has, you will have a water filter that will take away all unwanted content from your water, making it clean and healthy for you and your family. So, what particular benefits do you get from using such a system?

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1. It removes most lead contained in the water.

Everpure ADC in Australia creates a wide range of water filters that are designed to reduce lead (which is one of the particles that make water unusable) by up to 99%. Typically, each of these filters is engineered with the highest-quality water filtration system on the market today. Aside from lead, the filters also purify water of other microorganisms and substances, such as Giardia cysts, algae, and dirt.

2. It uses a superior pre-coat system.

Like other Everpure filters, the ADC filter uses the unique filtering material known as MICRO-PURE in treating water for consumption. Basically, the material is deposited equally on the outer surface of the filter’s membrane, where all odours and flavours are absorbed when the water passes through.

3. It preserves the pleasant taste of water.

Using a filter with activated carbon, the Everpure ADC Australia has purifies water of chlorine, as well as unfavourable odours and tastes, making it suitable to use in the production of beverages. Generally, water filtration systems from Everpure help provide water with high organoleptic qualities, giving it a pleasant taste to drink.

4. It uses the largest filtration area amongst all water filters.

The first layer of filtration in the ADC has a diameter that is equal to or greater than 0.5 microns, which is said to be the largest in all filters on the market today. With it, the filter ensures a long filter life and protection against failures, such as channelling and leakage. Aside from this, the ADC’s cartridge is also made of a durable aluminium housing that protects it from splitting and outbreak.

5. Its cartridge is easy and quick to replace.

The cartridge of Australia Everpure ADC filters is just very easy to replace should the need arises. Basically, you can do it in about 15 seconds without using any tool, without making a direct contact with other internal parts, and without turning off your water supply.

6. It uses an inhibitor for additional purification.

ADC filters contain an additional filter, where an inhibitor is dissolved for added purification. Basically, the inhibitor acts as a solution to reduce limestone formations in the system.

Everpure ADC’s line of water filtration systems are often in a class of their own and used by renowned companies in the food and beverage industry. This is because of their ability to produce great-quality water that is free from impurities, but still has the valuable minerals that give water its refreshing taste. Now, for the best Everpure ADC Australia has, you can visit www.essentialservicesgroup.com.au.