Your One of a Kind Experience in Phillip Island

Your One of a Kind Experience in Phillip Island

Phillip Island in Victoria, Australia is a famous holiday destination among tourists and locals alike. Tourists who long for peaceful and quiet evenings almost always choose this area and with a great reason. Home to the world’s largest colonies of the smallest penguins, Phillip Island night tour is an experience you never want to miss.

Penguin Parade

If you want to have a closer view at the nighttime routines of these little penguins, then visiting going for a night tour in Phillip Island is a smart choice.  As the sun sets over the sea, the Little Penguins rise up out of the ocean and waddle up the shoreline to their sand hill tunnels. These Little Penguins are the smallest of the penguin species and Phillip Island is sufficiently lucky to be home to the biggest province on the planet. You’ll unquestionably experience passionate feelings for these little folks during your Phillip Island night tour.


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Wine and Dine

Once you touch base at the Penguin Parade you will have a lot of time to eat at the bistro and explore the award-winning Penguin Parade Visitor Center. The Visitor Center offers you an opportunity to become acquainted with the little penguins. You will surely enjoy watching penguins from the grandstands and boardwalks and watch the penguins associate with family and neighbors.

Daytime Adventures

The adventure doesn’t stop at a Phillip island night tour, though. While Phillip Island is well known for its Little Penguin Parade, it additionally brags a stunning coastline with perfect surf conditions and an immense scope of untamed life. Another key fascination of Phillip Island is Australia’s Motorcycle Grand Prix track that you can witness during the day.

Relaxed Cycling Trails

Two or three days are all it takes to explore all the popular attractions packed into the compact Phillip Island. All you need is outfit yourself with a bike and a bold soul. Take advantage of limited movement on the island’s streets and cruise between the Koala Conservation Center, the Nobbies and the penguins at Phillip Island Nature Park, and Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit Visitor Center. You can also explore the historical backdrop of Churchill Island.  The Esplanade in Cowes can be a great location for beachfront cycling. You can even have a picnic there and a take a quick swim before cycling along.

The Nobbies

Strolling along The Nobbies boardwalk is a good way to enjoy the spectacular views along Phillip Island’s south coast. You can even witness the magnificent cave that thunders amid huge southern swells. You and your family can appreciate the sea bird gardens displaying fabulous blossoming shows in the spring. You can also pause for a minute to find out about the neighborhood the educational signage.

Bird Watching

Phillip Island and terrain Bass Coast are good places for bird watching. Migratory mutton birds on their trip from Alaska are visible from these vantage points. If you are fond of winged creatures, you can even witness uncommon swimming flying creatures and nourish edgy pelicans on Phillip Island.

Surf and Swin

Phillip Island is famous as a standout amongst the most predictable and shifted surf areas in Australia. It is very rare to see the swell too small for you to surf. Depending on the size of the swell, you can usually locate a break in the breeze.

Surf shorelines on the south drift can be extremely unsafe, so please check with local people on reasonable shorelines. Better still call into any of the nearby surf stores for guidance on wave, wind and ocean conditions.

The fun doesn’t just happen at night time. If you want to have a one of kind experience in Phillip island, make sure to explore it during the day as well as during nighttime. Phillip island night tour is a great way to cap your Phillip island experience. You can find Phillip island night tour packages that will suit you and your family.